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Sweet, easy to have a chocolate Samsung e908 sold only 2,550

On August 9, 2006, at the Distributor "Constellation" technology, revision of the Samsung E908 sold only 2,550 Yuan. This is known as the "trio of chocolate" phone is its most attractive stylish ultra-thin slider styling and a unique infrared touch keyboard, of course, its configuration is also very good.: Samsung SGH-E908 phone Zhongguancun online mobile channel reports (August 9, 2006) Model Samsung SGH-E908 latest price 2,550 specifications NET frequency GSM900/GPRS/EDGE 1800/1900MHz; size 93x46x16.5 mm weight 93 g; 2-inch 260,000 color TFT screen parameters of material at a resolution of 320x240 pixels; ringtone 64 polyphonic; supports MP3, AAC , AAC , WAV, WMA formats ringtones; Ringing tone recognition Support; calls pictures recognition support; Chinese SMS provides has 200 article of storage capacity; multimedia SMS has 3 m of space total 100 article of storage capacity; SMS Firewall through number set can will didn't want to receives of SMS refused to receives; phone address book total 1000 article; same contact Xia can records five a number (phone, and home, and Office, and fax, and other), e-mail and text comments, content; built-in game 2 a; memory capacity 80MB ; Micro SD extended memory support for third-party card (TF card) expand Java extension support Java MIDP 2.0; camera CMOS; built-in; camera pixel of 2 million pixels, Flash built-in; maximum output resolution of 1600x1200 pixels photo resolution photos, also includes 1280x960, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 320x240 and 240x320 ; Other photographed features support gray, and negatives, and deep brown, and antique, and Moonlight and fuzzy six species special effect, and provides 29 a fun phase box; support normal/ quickly 6-15 update burst, and 16 species matrix photographed and 3, and 5, and 10 seconds timer; support automatically, and very lit, and fluorescence, and cloudy and day five species white balance, automatically, and 100, and 200 and 4,004 document ISO. video shooting audio video shooting; video resolution maximum resolution for 352x288 pixel ; Video playback supports MPEG4 format video playback; MP3 player built-in; supporting MP3, AAC, ACC , and WMAMusic format support EQ adjustments, offers classical, jazz, rock, selected in the normal four, and supports background playback support WAP browser WAP 2.0 browser; interface Bluetooth built-in ; Bluetooth v1.2, support Bluetooth stereo audio of sent, using MP3 play Manager of for music play of when to mix stereo Bluetooth headset for wireless enjoy, support through Bluetooth way sent and print card; data line interface USB data connection; calendar support; calculator support; memorandum support; schedule support; alarm clock can set 5 a downtown Bell, and provides has once, Monday to Friday, Monday to Saturday, daily, multiple reminded way; world clock time zone set; Office application Picsel file viewer features built into support Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other documents by browsing; quoting: Samsung E908--2550 dealer: constellation technology guarantee: 7 days for, 1 year warranty phone number: 010-51399716 010-87093337

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Zol 5800xm second Mall the first sale will be held

Golden September, Zhongguancun Mall held first Cheng Date sold will, for a months of ex gratia promotions activities in the many hot 3C products align debut, to you difficult imagine of low price for sales. While this times ex gratia activities also will held exciting of "seconds killed" of activities. a Yuan money buy to Nokia 5800XM, listen up like is daydreams. However as long as you luck enough good, as long as you has successfully registered has ZOL netizens, as long as you has opened online paid way, you on may became today of seconds killed of King, and To low was difficult imagine of price obtained this Department hot touch controlled phone products. Zhongguancun Mall first special sold will seconds killed activities page will will notice this month of 30 paragraph seconds killed products, including brand, model, seconds killed time, seconds killed price. participation seconds killed of products daily for a paragraph, number for a. activities began Qian beats by dre, this products is Xia frame State, not purchased. activities began Hou of 5 minutes within, products is incubation period, at any time may last, tips "waiting for seconds killed". products last Hou, State becomes green button "immediately snapped up" . Can quickly click purchased, once the products of orders is successfully submitted, products number for 0, other netizens will cannot again submitted orders. successfully submitted orders who, needed in 10 minutes within payment, not payment who, considered automatically abandoned. Zhongguancun Mall will optional Shi announced the products Xia once is seconds killed of time, netizens can again seconds killed. This activities not support cargo to payment and door since made. seconds killed products summary: click entered Nokia 5800XM price: 2,598 Yuan seconds price: 1 Yuan seconds killed time: September 3  17:00 under under under seconds killed quickly entry Nokia 5800XM a Yuan seconds killed in September 3 to September 30 activities during, apart from buy gift preferential zhiwai, you also can concern Zhongguancun Mall first special sold will crazy discount promotions months under other also wonderful of activities: 1. every day half price buy computer a week 7 surprise immediately participation 2. daily a "seconds" killed do IT hot products immediately participation 3. points Exchange baikuan gift any you selected immediately participation 4. filled questionnaire 300 worth of shopping vouchers for free immediate participation 5. buy gifts n more more save money immediately participate in the 6. write wishes shop help you to achieve the 7 immediate participation. when shopping up to win Thailand 7th tour for two immediate participation Mall, Zhongguancun, thank you very much to our attention and support, and happy shopping! Shopping procedure in case of any problems, you can call our store toll free and our communication: 400-678-0068. in order to facilitate consultation, we work time for the Mall in September 9:00-21:00. tour Zhongguancun shopping mall to the attached: second kill cheats 1: advance registration of the ZOL users of And login Zhongguancun online or Zhongguancun Mall. non-ZOL netizens cannot purchased products, also on cannot participation activities. registered can in Zhongguancun online (immediately registered) or Zhongguancun Mall (immediately registered) for, registered Hou be activated. part mailbox may activated message will delay or cannot received, can for a mailbox tries to. as case problem, can call 400-678-0068 free phone and we contact. 2 casque monster beats. ahead of concern dynamic, understanding seconds killed details; select better network, to guarantee Rob was ahead of. 3. activities began Hou moments concern page, once displayed "Immediately snapped up", is quickly purchased. 4. opened paid Po or online bank, to in Rob to products Hou can timely paid, or 10 minutes Hou left of just regret has. concern paid Po of opened and using (entered paid Po) as case problem, please contact paid Po customer service: 0571-88156688 on network silver of opened and using (entered fast money) as case problem, please contact fast money customer service: 021-58776399

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HP 08 move product launch event a mass photo tour

Read the full text on this page (6 pages) Beijing time on November 20, 2007, from United States HP Hewlett-Packard Company located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, xiaguangli of Xiaoyun road on the 18th the Faust restaurant, held a "zhirui fashion, under control, HP iPAQ bring you walk into 2008! "For theme of large new Conference. in this times General Assembly Shang, HP HP company official to China continent area of user were describes has five paragraph used Windows Mobile 6 operating system of moved smart new, they respectively is--equipped with a star 2 million pixel photo head of iPAQ rw6818, and has super long standby time of light type smart phone iPAQ 518, and has immersive of HD 3D navigation system of GPS positioning instrument iPAQ312, and Visual area of 4-inch TFT touch screen VGA resolution iPAQ212 and iPAQ112. to support Wi-Fi wireless Internet access just the Faust restaurant saw HP roll up just for the event, entered the restaurant, the launch event is unlikely, but the layout is unique. held the press conference to launch stage dome screen on the HP LOGO

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Insufficient supply! Apple's huge investments in high-flux TSMC

Recently, we obtained message said Apple and Qualcomm wishes to respectively investment 1 billion dollars to TSMC, hope can let its provides specialized of chip manufacturing products line, however TSMC and no agreed they of requirements. has industry people analysis said, Apple and Qualcomm is so do, main is because smart phone chip needs of increasingly growth, itself supply insufficient due to. Apple Qualcomm huge investment TSMC was refused according to Bloomberg Industries of market investigation data pointed out that, Smart phone market scale has reached has 219.1 billion dollars, this also forced phone manufacturers must increased home of supply channels cooperation efforts. Qualcomm aspects main is due to itself capacity insufficient, will delayed related products of volume etc, this seeking cooperation is more of hope can improve home capacity, promoting profit growth. However TSMC clearly does not buy. currently TSMC customer including has Qualcomm, and NVIDIA,, and TSMC aspects also hope cooperation Shang can maintained a smooth degrees, Don't want to tend to a mobile phone manufacturers. from which is not difficult to see, TSMC's strategy is very flexible.

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V9 to offer the 7-inch screen ZTE booth several new machines

In this page read full text (total 4 page) Beijing time on October 11, 2010 9:30 A.M. by China posts and telecommunications equipment group and China International exhibition center group hosted of "2010 China International information communications exhibition" official in China International Exhibition Center pulled has curtain. This times exhibition of theme is "innovation leads development, and fusion achievements future" will has from Yu China, and Canada, and Finland, and United States, 13 a national and area of over 500 home Enterprise exhibitors, They will will in this times of exhibition Shang to we show own in moved communications area of latest research results. While Zhongguancun online will composition 19 people of reported team on this of China International information communications exhibition for comprehensive, and in-depth of reported, Omni-directional of to we interpretation moved communications technology in we of daily life in the by since to of huge role. figure for ZTE booth in this times exhibition in the, is located in 8th, Pavilion of domestic manufacturers ZTE in booth show has variety 3G Terminal, Terminal products involves currently China of 3 species standard 3G network. which most striking of is a paragraph screen up to 7 inches handheld moved device V9, the products using of is Android 2.1 of system, support Unicom of WCDMA network, built-in has 3 million pixel of camera, support call features, overall appearance is eye-catching. figure for ZTE V9 figure for ZTE X850 WCDMA aspects ZTE also show has a paragraph ZTE X850 phone, the machine used has traditional of bar touch screen design , More than 3.2 million pixel camera, did not carry smart phone system.

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